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Our Story

My name is Ace Fisher.  My family and I live in Bozeman, MT.   I invented the EGGBAR VISE(TM, Patent) in my garage by accident when I was tuning my family’s skis.  We are skiers and ski about 50-60 days a year at Bridger Bowl, Big Sky and Moon Light Basin and sometimes in Europe (Andermatt, Switzerland, my wife’s home town).   My wife and I are fully certified ski instructors. Don’t hold that against us, we do get off the blue runs. She is a fully certified Swiss instructor and I am certified through PSIA, Rocky Mountain division.  We are teaching and coaching our two daughters to ski and race.  Our oldest daughter has started with the J-Fast program at Bridger Ski Foundation. So I have been tuning her skis for every race…. enter the EGGBAR Vise.


The shape and look of the vise is completely unique compared to other vises on the market.  Skis have changed drastically but ski vises’ have not, except the EGGBAR vise.  It is so easy to use and can be used on skies of all shapes, sizes, lengths, widths, cambers and sidewalls.   The EGGBAR Vise holds them all down securely for easy tuning without popping out or adjusting set screws or fitting plastic dummy boots and there is no racking. 


The vise holds the ski down with the skis own camber.  You just set the tip of the ski in the vise and start petexing, waxing, or filing edges.  You can put the ski in base up or on the ski’s side to sharpen the edges.  Ski techs should love the EGGBAR vise for its ability to hold down any ski without the hassle.  All wear parts are cheaply and easily replaced and the vice only weights 4 lbs for shipping and traveling to all the races!


Where did the name come from?  The shape of the head of the vise is the same shape as an “Egg bar Horse shoe”, hence the name.


What was the motivation to bring this invention to market besides that it is an innovative idea… My accountant really kicked me in the butt!  I told her that I invented this ski vise that is very simple and very easy to use. She asked what I was going to do with the invention.  I told her I needed a patent but I did not have the disposable income for the Patent (they are very expensive and we are in a recession).   Next thing you know she whipped out her checkbook and gave me a small loan on the spot and told me to get moving. I have not stopped since (you should always listen to your accountant).  


Check out the tuning video and order your new EGGBAR vise right here on this web site.



Ace Fisher and Family

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