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The Original / Race Eggbar Vise With Aluminum Tracks

Eggbar Vise

The Original / Race Eggbar Vise With Aluminum Tracks

$ 280.00
The Original Clamp-less Ski / Race Vise. Laser Cut Steel. Powder Coated. With Aluminum tracks to mount on the work bench.

The Eggbar Vise is the perfect Ski tuning vise for hand tuning your skis. Works great at home and in the ski shop. Unlike other ski Vises the Eggbar Vise holds any ski with its own camber so that you don't have anything getting in the way while you tune your skis.The Eggbar Vise is built with a short vertical groove and has a bar that is adjustable to accommodate SG and Downhill skis in the vertical position on a short bench. The aluminum tracks are mounted on the work bench for easy one hand adjusting while tuning multiple ski lengths. 
Made in U.S.A.
Ships (with tracks) for $32.

To order for delivery outside the U.S.A., please call or email. 001 406 522-8989.

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